Then I met him. And he changed my life. He snuck glances at me before we ever spoke. It took 3 months of us hanging out for him to kiss...

I Lost My Virginity To A Plastic Tube

Image by Anais Poussin To be clear, I don’t believe in the concept of virginity. It’s a social construct that was created to keep women...

Women in Comedy: Extended Edition

I was in a position where I didn’t feel like I could heckle him or stand up for myself, because he had the power

We Ain't Afraid of No Female Ghostbusters

Before the film was even released, there was an explosive reaction to the all-female lead cast – presumably from sweaty misogynist fans.

Thoughts on R U OK Day

it also reminds me of all the times I needed someone to ask me if I was, but they never did.